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Catalysts @ Requirements Engineering Conference 2011

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RE 2011 TrentoI recently attended the 19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference in Trento, Italy, from August 29th – September 2nd. I presented an industry experience paper developed in collaboration with Paul GrĂŒnbacher and Alexander Egyed from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. The paper entitled “Reconciling Requirements and Architectures with the CBSP Approach in an iPhone App Project” got accepted as a full paper (the acceptance rate for full papers was only 17%). The basic idea behind CBSP is that software requirements may contain explicit or implicit information relevant to a software system’s architecture and to bring forth this information in a lightweight fashion.

The paper reflects our experiences in using the CBSP approach in the taskmind iOS project.

During my talk I presented taskmind’s essential features, explained how I used the CBSP approach and reported the major lessons learned. A main conclusion from the project is that knowing the most important requirements and architectural challenges in an early project phase is a critical factor for success. This is in line with the 80-20 rule applied by Catalysts: Knowing 80 percent of critical requirements and architectural choices in the first 20 percent of time is the first step for a successful software project.

A big thanks to Catalysts and especially to Paul GrĂŒnbacher for his support when writing the paper and preparing my presentation!
RE 2011 Trento

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