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Coding Contest: The Asteroid Challenge

17.000 asteroids, potentially hazardous yet potentially profitable, are rushing through our solar system in near-Earth orbits. They could collide with Earth, but they also carry ores of valuable metals, such as aluminium, gold or platinum.

3.000 programming heroes in 40 locations try to classify those asteroids for space mining and evaluate their hazard potential. They received a 10-year-long dataset from a satellite in Venus orbit. Different speeds, rotations around 3 axes, ten thousands of images — isn’t that a big challenge?

Indeed! It was the challenge at the Coding Contest organized by Catalysts on Friday, Apr 27, 2018. The contest was held simultaneously in 40 locations, from New Orleans to Tehran, from Finland to South Africa. Students from schools and universities, but also experienced practitioners accepted the mission and tried to solve it level by level. See the pictures below to get an impression of what this international competition feels like.

Participants distribution

  • 33% Pupils
  • 47% University students
  • 20% Experienced practitioners

Catalysts, an international software company originally founded in Austria, has been organizing Coding Contests since 2007. Besides many other fields, Catalysts is active in Big Data and High Performance Computing for customers such as the European Space Agency. For the first time, Deutsche Börse Group supported the world-wide event of the Coding Contest.

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[…] contest was held simultaneously in 40 locations, from New Orleans to Tehran, from Finland to South Africa. […]


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