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Catalyzing Earth Observation—Catalysts and EODC at European Space Solutions

ESA is focusing on Earth Observation, mainly via the Copernicus program; being excited and enthusiastic about this, Catalysts is living up to its name and is transforming the earth observation industry, via EODC, the Earth Observation Data Center.

Together with our other partners Catalysts participated at the European Space Solutions conference at the World Forum in The Hague (Netherlands) in the beginning of June. This gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our latest offerings in the domain of Big Data analysis, processing, and development.

One of the key assets of the EODC is its multi-Petabyte archive of Sentinel Earth Observation data. But what can you do with that?

Applications of Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 data are polar ice monitoring, precision farming using soil moisture data, pest monitoring in agriculture, famine forecasting, urban development planning, vertical soil movement monitoring above coal mines, emergency mapping, coastal flood risk assessment, etc.

Catalysts has provided the necessary development tools featuring full, direct access to the entire petabyte archive to allow for rapid prototyping. Data locality is key. Therefore, these prototypes can be transformed into services running side by side to said storage, e.g. on Catalysts Processing Portal, an intuitive UI for scalable, containerized on-demand Earth Observation product generation, including billing and delivery.

ESA, EC, industry and research representatives approached us to discuss EODCs take on earth observation and to collaborate where this is useful and possible. Contact us if you face challenges in Petabyte / Exabyte storage solutions, High-Performance Computing, Algorithm Speedup and Parallel Computing!




The venue and general atmosphere were excellent. EODC and Catalysts received extremely positive feedback from numerous companies. We want to thank all visitors for the exciting talks!

If you have big datasets and don’t know how to store them or deal with them efficiently, it is likely that we can help you!

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