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Hyperloop Digital Innovation Challenge

Hyperloop Digital Innovation Challenge powered by Catalysts was organized on 6.7.2016 at Bratislava’s old market hall, Stará tržnica. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies aims not only at providing fast transportation, but also providing full passenger experience, that is realized with the help of customized app solutions. Therefore, the main goal of this hackathon was to provide app solutions for the Hyperloop Marketplace, which integrate seamlessly with the existing Hyperloop app ecosystem.

The participants of the hackathon received data sets of different means of transportation (eight European cities) and were free to work on solutions for eight hours. Their ideas and projects revolved around a topic that is challenging in nature, but within cognitive reach so it can be understood and researched in a straightforward manner. The pursued ideas, projects, and products were not regulated to allow for creative interpretation of the topic and potential combinations with other elements of the challenger’s choosing. In contrast to our CCCs this hackathon was open to all sorts of different solutions and outcomes. Along with the cognitive challenges, the prizes were excellent motivator for our participants:

1st prize: Round-trip travel to Los Angeles to visit the Hyperloop Design Center,

2nd prize: An opportunity to further your projects for two weeks in Paris as our Hyperloop Summer Invitation Fellow,

3rd prize: Exclusive dinner on July 7th with the CEO of HTT, Dirk Ahlborn and 10 hours of mentoring in Bratislava with the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies team.


The judges Christian Federspiel (CEO of Catalysts), Dirk Ahlborn (CEO of HTT) and Lloyd Marino had scorecards to jot down points after 4 criteria: Prototyping, Innovation Potential, Feasibility, and Performance. Finally, the tough selection process formed following rank:

1st place: Team ST Digital (Martin Horvath, Martin Kadlec, Gabriel Németh and Jana Madunicka from Bratislava, Slovakia)

2nd place: Peter Ralbovksy (from Bratislava, Slovakia and former youngest Catalysts’ intern)

3rd place: Team MeshMe (Florian Bauer, Georg Pavlovic, Patrick Michot from Vienna, Austria)

We want to thank all participants for creating such a competing and in same time friendly atmosphere, and for more than positive feedback! This is only a small part of our large project with Hyperloop Technologies! So, stay tuned, many more digital challenges and projects are ahead of us!

For more info regarding this project, do not hesitate to contact:

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