Yes indeed, Catalysts has moved, but that doesn’t mean we are gone, we just moved to our new website
together with our partners from Crisp Research to do the same things we used to do in an improved way. We still do great software and we are still great people, more or less only the color has changed except from our domain 😉

Great achievements in 2017

2017 was a wholly successful year for Catalysts. We have continuously been working on and delivering awesome projects from diverse industry fields. Thank you to all our partners that challenged us and helped us grow. It will be hard, but we will give our best to have an even greater 2018! ?

Meanwhile, take a look at what we have worked on besides our core tasks:

Employee growth

Our family has become even bigger and more international! Our HR team can proudly announce that our team has grown to over 250 people in 2017. More than 2000 applications make us confident that we are set up and ready for new projects.

We have expanded to Frankfurt and Innsbruck

We have expanded geographically, Catalysts has new offices in Innsbruck and in Frankfurt!

Our new locations bring us closer to our prominent customers and partners in those regions. Our existing offices in Vienna and Cluj have doubled in size.

New format: Get Inspired by Catalysts

In order to help all our potential and current customers to see the world through our eyes, we have created the event format “Get Inspired by Catalysts” (link). The purpose of such an event is to overflow visitors’ mind with ideas and inspirations and to show the opportunities of creating business value with new emerging technologies. Besides customers and partners, we also inspired pupils and invited school classes to get inspired by Catalysts (link).

Do you want to have a private tour through our world? Get in touch with us and we will schedule an event especially for you:

Events at factory300

We became an official partner of factory300. Together, we have successfully built up a competence center in Linz by organizing various events: Blockchain Beginner’s Guides, Artificial Intelligence Beginner’s Guides, ICO meetups, Data Privacy Lecture, Machine Learning Workshop, Startup Live etc.

The Coding Contest Is Fully International

Not only Catalysts is growing! For the 10-years jubilee of our Coding Contest, we have grown it internationally to 4,500 participants in 2017. Even the global ranking shows the diversity of our participants: The global winners come from The Hague (The Netherlands), Pretoria (South Africa) and Krems (Austria). See the numbers in our infographic.

Stay tuned for more!

We are Catalysts, Creators of the Digital Future, and so we’re constantly turning great visions into reality. In spring 2018, we will open a new home for our inspirational ideas: the Digital Future Space at Tabakfabrik in Linz, the former factory where social, cultural and economic ideas are being developed.

Thank YOU!

Finally, we’d like to say thank you to all our customers who gave us the great opportunity of implementing outstanding projects in 2017. We’re really looking forward to continuing our trend in 2018 together with you!

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