Linzer City Nightrun 2012

On Thursday 27th September 2012 at a late hour, the 2nd Linz City Night Run took place.

Among the 2000 participants were two teams from Catalysts. Starting at the promenade in the city center, the 4.6km route wove its way through the night-time Linz. Motivated by the numerous and vocal spectators lining the track, we achived great times.

Team 1 [Christian Federspiel, Raymond Shanley, Bernhard Niedermayer] grabbed the excellent 34th place with a total time of 00:59:15.

Team 2 [Benjamin Rosenberger, Anton Bayer, Stefan Starke] achieved 89th place with a total time of 01:09:25.

Next year we’ll surely participate again!

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Linzer City Nightrun

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