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Fun, sports and barbecue—this is what we usually bear in mind about our annual Catalysts summer party. This year we had even more to celebrate: it was our colleague Harald’s birthday, and he invited us all to celebrate the largest barbecue ever in Catalysts’ history!

Last Saturday was a day with plenty of suncream, catchy tunes, trampoline jumping for children and adults, cool drinks and an outstanding barbecue for dinner. In the early afternoon most of the guests arrived. From Innsbruck to Cluj – we had a good mix of people who matched up well. The ideal chance to get to know colleagues that most of us often only know from skype.

Altogether almost 120 people gathered in the freshly mowed meadow. Tents of different sizes made it possible to withstand the incredible heat.

Kids had the opportunity to play around in an inflatable pool or slide down a waterslide. To activate the crowd in the late afternoon we prepared a summer challenge with different activities. (juggling, slackline, tossing rings)

As for drinks—an illuminted LED bar with beer, wine and sodas made sure that everyone had enough liquid. In the evening one could even mix cocktails – just as you’d expect it from a perfect summer-party.

Thank you all for coming, and we send our biggest compliments to Harald and his family who hosted us like kings and queens!

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