Jeopardy 1 million USD winner artificial intelligence Watson visits Catalysts!

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Video source: Engadget YouTube channel

When: 10th April 2014 – 6:00 p.m.

Where: Catalysts, Huemerstr. 23, 4020 Linz – Get Direction

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Watson is the first artificial intelligence capable to beat humans in the quiz show Jeopardy. In 2011 he won a price money of $1 million.

“The goal of Watson is to have computers interacting in natural human terms across a range of applications and processes (healthcare, telecom, financial, government, …), understanding the questions that humans ask and providing answers that humans can understand and justify”, IBM says.

Olaf Hahn / IBM will show what or who Watson is, how he/it works and in which range of applications Watson will revolutionize our lives.


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