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Work and Study abroad at your master degree

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On 12th of March 2014 we are having “Study abroad” event in Cluj

Recently, Johannes Kepler University from Austria ( launched 5 master degrees in English in order to provide an opportunity to study abroad for students who completed a computer science bachelor and did not participate at a master degree due to various reasons. Many students do not attend to a master degree abroad due to financial problems, so JKU University partnered with Catalysts ( who is the largest software producer from Upper Austria, in order to provide internships/full-time jobs focused on the field of study from the university. Thus, one can study on the following five areas:

… and work in the same field to deepen one’s knowledge . There are people who are already participating in such a master program and which you can be put in touch with, in order to find out every little detail 🙂

Join us on 12th March, at “Study abroad” event, where you can learn more about the master degree directly from persons that are already there. At the same time you’ll find out everything about the job opportunities from Austria.

Starts at 19:30, at our office located on Dorobantilor street, nr 33-35-37, entrance from Navodari street, Cluj-Napoca.   PosterHorizontal

Registration (50 seats available)


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