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Standing in your shower, before the plumber entered the house for the first time. Enjoying the view from your bathtub, before even ordering it. All of this, and much more, is now possible with Bäderparadies VR, the virtual showroom experience of SHT Haustechnik AG – developed by Catalysts.

“The Catalysts-way is an extraordinary combination: quality, quantity and speed!” – Thomas Jud, Bäderparadies VR project manager

Virtual Reality

The Bäderparadies VR apps for Android and iOS make it possible for customers to take their newly planned bathrooms home with them. Customers have the option to explore their bathroom in a beautiful panorama view or take the fully immersive 3D tour, where they have the opportunity to inspect every inch of their future bathroom.

Of course, Bäderparadies VR is not only made for customers who are already in the process of planning a bathroom with SHT Bäderparadies. With more than 100 publicly available bathrooms, customers are able to look for inspiration on their way to the bathroom of their dreams, before visiting a Bäderparadies showroom for the first time. With the Bäderparadies VR experience, going through a bathroom showroom is possible everywhere, even in the comfort of your own home.

All of this is possible because of the innovative Bäderparadies VR experience, which SHT Haustechnik AG, Austria’s leading bathroom reseller, has developed together with Catalysts. Virtual reality for everyone is made possible through Google Cardboard and makes Bäderparadies VR a worldwide leading VR experience for the retail market. Of course every customer, who plans his bathroom at SHT Bäderparadies, has the choice of taking a Bäderparadies VR Cardboard home with him.

3D Cinema

Naturally the process of bathroom planning often is a shared experience. That is why SHT and Catalysts have created another innovative solution, that makes it possible for families to enjoy their new bathroom together, immediately after the planning is done.

Just like with the Bäderparadies VR apps, Bäderparadies VR Cinema makes it possible to walk through planned bathrooms and inspect every corner, all in an immersive 3D Cinema mode. For this we access the same data basis as the Bäderparadies VR apps, which means that everyone can choose their favourite way of virtually experiencing their future bathroom.

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Very nice project. Thanks for sharing!


Die Vorstellung das neue Bad schon erleben zu können, bevor der Installateur kommt, ist toll. Ich würde diese Art der Badplanung auch gerne mal ausprobieren. Besonders, weil ich noch nie eine VR-Brille aufhatte!


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