Announcing Catalysts Ambassadors Programme

At Catalysts, we’re especially proud of our interns. We’re passionate about their work and treat them with respect. In the end, they are the best bet for a bright future. Over the last years, the number of interns that join our team has been increasing steadily, with more than fifty interns expected this year.

The most worrisome part of interning is letting go after a great time. Many companies struggle to maintain an effective and lively exchange with their interns. Contact frequency drops, company and interns go separate ways. This is not a Catalysts approach. We tackled that problem and conceptualized a program that is beneficial to both parties.

After finishing an internship at Catalysts, one is warmly welcomed to join Catalysts Ambassadors. It is a comprehensive way to stay connected with the team. Interns receive backing and support even when not actively working for Catalysts. Our team supports in terms of:

  • Expert guidance with bachelor’s or master’s thesis: It’s not uncommon for us to dive into projects that extend into research. As a prime contractor of the European Space agency, stakeholders in the Earth Observation Data Center and technology partners with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. we’re constantly pushing the limits and learning something new. You can do as well!
  • Joining our Wissensspritzen to get updates about the technologies that are trending and the challenges we master. If you’re willing to step up, take the initiative and tell us about your hot topics!
  • Helping to set up meetings at school and/or universities. Technology meetups are booming, and you probably are stoked about the next big thing. Why not invite your mates and share your knowledge? We can help you organize that. In turn, invite your friends to Catalysts Coding Contests and spread the word about our opportunities!
  • In-depth coding exercises and guided tours through the toughest challenges of Catalysts Coding Contest can help you sharpen your thoughts for tricky coding questions. If you’re into algorithms and extreme challenges, we got you covered!

Furthermore all the perks of being a Catalyst apply. Think regular Team Dinners, Funtastic events, summer and christmas parties… That’s how one can be part of the team even when in school or at university. You’ll see that it’s likely to make friends, and not only be part of a team, but of a family.

Check out what an Ambassador meeting looks like, and once you’re convinced contact us to join!

ten people sitting at a big table talking and smiling.


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