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With latest AI methods, such as Deep Learning, we solve challenges only humans were able to solve – until recently. In our daily business we humans face tasks that are sometimes highly repetitive, extremely time consuming or even both. Fortunately a computer can be trained to accomplish those task for us. This kind of training is called Machine Learning. It is a means to teach our algorithms certain rules and what to look out for. In order to accomplish this we feed the algorithm with great amounts of examples. During the learning process the algorithm will find patterns in the training data.

After completing this process the algorithm ( = the trained model) can use those patterns to deal with similar but new situations. Therefore the learning phase is crucial as it defines the efficiency and accuracy of the working system in production. We at Catalysts have devoted ourselves to machine learning from an early stage and where able to gained knowledge in various fields. We deliver both fully working systems, but also guidance for machine learning novices to achieve the best results.

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We constantly classify to make our complex world a little more manageable. A produced item is either good or carries a defect, a person is allowed to do a certain action or not. SID also takes such decisions – based upon data and learning from examples.


Computer Vision
“A picture is worth a thousand words”. We all know that saying and it holds true, indeed. EVA applies Computer Vision technology to be able to interpret images and videos and extract information out of it, such as detecting objects or persons.


Natural Language Processing
The natural language we use for communicating is quite different from structured data format machines need to be able to work on. With NLP methods, BERNI can extract machine readable information out of written or spoken text.


ALVINA learns from past events and predicts the future. A well known application is Predictive Maintenance, where items are maintained proactively on the basis of the predicted degradation state – instead of waiting for the breakdown. Apart from that also foreseeing future demands is an important topic.


Most likely you know Paul from online shops where he suggests items you are most probably interested in. Nowadays, Paul also helps you finding interesting articles, music or videos. He assists you in mastering the enormous amount of information and options and saves you plenty of time.

How can AI boost your business?
  • Be able to take decisions: fast, objective and 24/7
  • Transfer content such as images or (spoken) text to input which is actually interpretable by machines
  • Let your machines communicate with humans naturally and intuitively
  • Process Big Data in an intelligent way: detect events, patterns, anomalies and react accordingly
  • Open up new business cases and explore the future

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Emerging Technologies are are market ready, but not yet adopted by a wider public. We actively invest into “new” technologies, evaluate their potential, and develop best practices.
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