Catalysts has a high level of knowledge in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Pattern Recognition. This enables us to leverage your day-to-day business to industry 4.0 standards. We prepare your business model for a fully digitalized world and assure your »Champion Role« within your discipline.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyze and interact with live data of your production line. Verify and experiment with your acquired data to enhance your day to day business.

Reduced Failure Rate

Do not wait for your machines to break down, but react against any irregularity on time.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Do not perform maintenance tasks such as the exchange of wear and tear parts based on fixed temporal intervals but only when you really need it!

Higher Availability

Reduced failure rates combined with less frequent maintenance will inherently result in higher availability of your machines.

Do you know ALVINA? She is an expert in the field of Predictive Maintenance.

Industry 4.0

Remotely-monitor your machinery
We can read arbitrary sensor data and offer you a streamlined and filtered view of valuable data.

Interactive analysis
We help your in-house experts to analyze (filter, transform, summarize, …) your data live and interactively.

Alert notifications
Get a notification when something in your production line goes wrong.

No on-device installations
Feeding our platform with sensor values can be as easy as opening a web page.

Transparent processes

Process optimization
Gain a clear picture of your performance and reveal potential room for improvement.

Maintenance and service overview
Figure out weak spots in your chain and deal with them before they become critical.

Quality assurance
Monitor arbitrary production parameters in near real-time to see if your quality objectives are met.

Pattern Recognition
Analyze data for patterns and relations.

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Bernhard Niedermayer

Segment Lead Emerging Technologies

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