Newsadoo “Spotify for News” From challenges to solutions Challenge Bring the attention of the readers back from Youtube, Fortnite and…

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing Extracting custom structured information from images or pdf-documents From challenges to solutions Challenge Many invoices have to be…

3D Cockpit

Read more about the 3D Browser Visualization of automated guided vehicles.

Welser Profile Creator

Creating customized profiles of special sections and tubes online – even without CAD-knowledge! Read more

Demand Prediction

We apply Machine Learning methods to train models of a certain domain and then use these models for predicting.


An intuitive and unobtrusive method for visualizing and interacting with large multidimensional scan data using state of the art augmented reality technology.

Airport Ground Assets IoT

An intelligent and scalable system for managing vehicles and predicting their usage for optimal route and resource planning.


Satellite Earth Observation to highlight hot spots of damaged forest areas.