Convince with a gripping story, why exactly your idea should change the world. To the point, concise and targeted to your specific target groups. Animated videos of Catalysts – digital marketing that stays in your head.

Caution contagious!


Take advantage of the viral power of animation videos to spread your idea in social media and find potential customers.

Targeted Communication

Bring complicated or abstract themes in 2 minutes on the dot.


Whether for interen communications, digital marketing or as a resentation starter. Drive greater attention and visibility of your ideafinden.


You get a video with a compact length (up to 2 minutes).

  • A character style with hand animation
  • Voice Recording
  • Process in iterations (see: 5 Steps to your video)
  • Upload on YouTube
  • Catalysts-Branding

In short, we offer a complete fulfilment package. From the vice recording up to illustration and animation.

In 5 steps to your video

Together we develop the content that we visualize for you. From our experience we know, that our workflow allows an uncomplicated, rapid progression.

1. Kickoff-Meeting

  • Clarify communication objectives
  • Define target group
  • Video style (lyrically / visual)
  • Rough structure of the key points of your idea
  • Project Schedule / Timing

Objective: Approved briefing paper

2. Story

  • Together we work out the “coarse story”
  • Obligation: a large content has to come from the client. We can help you with structure, composition, dramaturgy, understandability, entertainment and the lenght of your text.
  • Together we work on the final text for narration.

Objective: approved version of the speaker’s text

3. Storyboard

  • Storyboard (combination of text and visualization idea)
  • We visualize the storyboard in rough cut planning (video and text)
  • Visual changes can be incorporated.
  • Decrease in the first pattern based illustration style illustrations

Objective: Decrease the storyboard

4. Production

  • Illustration
  • Voice Recording
  • Animation

Objective: Captured video

5. Final Explainer Video

  • The standard edition includes the upload on Youtube and the optimization of the video to the youtube search

Additional Packages

Design your video with the following additional packages and as well your individual ideas …

Color Design We can lean on the color scheme to your design / corporate identity.
Music Music transports expression and mood. We are going to find suitable music pieces for you, from which you can choose.
Special Speaker We have a selection of speakers (included in the basic package price). For special requests, we can book other speakers.
Long-term Some topics need a bit more time … However,keep in mind that it is desirable to keep the video as concise as possible!
Without Branding You get our video without the Catalysts signature
Desired Formats In addition to the standard output, we also provide the desired format for you (.. Mov mp4. H264)
Customer Requirements We promise an end result in each case according to your wishes. Small changes in the base price based on your feedback are included. Detailed requests for changes, particularly towards the end of production, mean more effort (eg, Retouching, reshoots, new recording of the speaker …). Once your customer requests exceed the strike price, we let you know. You can then decide whether you choose a simple solution or the more elaborate version.

Your advantages

  • The basic package is a “one-stop” complete package – from the sound recording up to illustration and animation.
  • We put your video at a fixed price.
  • Desires that are not included in the basic package can be covered with additional packages indivdually.
  • Our workflow guarantees an efficient processing of the video.
  • By the way, all the videos on our site come from the pen of Catalysts. Have a look!

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Your contact person

Johannes Eichberger

Storyteller & Visualizer

+43 650 6217660

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