To survive in the marketplace, modern banks have to rapidly adjust their product portfolio to changing market conditions at short notice. This is because reacting too slowly to changing interest rates puts the earnings of the bank at risk.

Current Situation

For minimal changes to products, a team of developers is required as well as comprehensive precautionary measures. De facto, the implementation of a new bank product in a traditional programming language takes over 100 days.

Why not change this time-consuming and cumbersome process?

Our Solution

FML – Finance Modelling Language by Catalysts

As the first Domain Specific Language (DSL) in the financial sector, FML enables the financial product developer to model a new product in less than 4 hours, including testing and rollout to make it available to the advisors in all bank branches. All that is possible without the need of detailed Software Developer’s know how and without comprehensive technical dead weight.

Your advantage when using FML

  • The product specification and implementation is in our hands.
  • The development time is reduced from hundreds of days to a few hours.
  • The development can be done in a test-driven way from the beginning.
  • The resulting specification can immediately be executed.
  • The resulting specification fits on 15-25 pages – rather than hundreds of pages.
  • The functional specification and the executed code are just one “document”.

Your contact person

Christian Federspiel


+43 664 340 04 86

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