Have you ever wondered why you like to use certain applications, and why you avoid others? Sophisticated operating concepts, attractive design and of course accuracy are the tried and tested success factors, but in addition, modern applications more and more integrate interactive elements and processes, in order to awaken the intrinsic motivation of the user.
Gamification, the use of typical game play elements in a foreign context, helps to inspire users for new applications and to bind permanently emotionally. Working with these applications is just more fun!


Through games, a lot can be learned about how to motivate people to do certain things – and in a way, so that they like what they are doing, stand out through own motivation, and that they can identify themselves with the set task.

Agile Software Development & Gamification

In contrast to traditional software developement ,through a game, a concrete problem will not be solved, and for the player, there is no measurable benefit. Accordingly, a game has to offer other attractions to captivate a user from the beginning and to cast its spell.  If you fail to do so immediately, usually there is no second chance to still convince user.

As a manufacturer of iOS games like Melmo and OneStone, Catalysts has early started to acquire knowledge about the methods of game development. This advantage makes it possible to incorporate the learned ways of thinking and concepts in the development of business applications, but also gamify processes such as a Windows 8 rollout (including data migration and subsequent user training) for large enterprises.

CORE smartwork, a co-developed by Catalysts IT platform for employee communication, also includes gamified elements to provide the necessary acceptance by the employees.


  • Catalysts holds the first courses on Gamification at the Johannes Kepler Unversity in Linz (Summer Semester 2013) and at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg (Winter Semester 2013/14)

Do you want to gamify your business processes? We are happy to talk to your disposal!

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