An appealing and particularly impressive visualization of construction plans and interior equipment is of great importance to enthrall a customer for a product. In this regard Virtual Reality provides an excellent opportunity to process existing concepts and to demonstrate them within an extraordinary context.

VR App for SHT Bäderparadies

Real show rooms are out of date, the future belongs to the virtual show rooms! Catalysts developed two virtual reality apps for SHT Bäderparadies, which present the designed bathroom to the customer in a fascinating way. With these apps one can observe both pre-build and individually designed bathrooms in a panoramic view or experience them via VR-glasses in full 3D. There are more than 100 public bathroom designs at free disposal, which can be changed and refined as desired. Moreover the customers can virtually take their personal bathroom home.

Technical challenge

Catalysts implemented two apps—Bäderparadies VR and Bäderparadies VR+. The former contains the bathroom catalogue as well as the panoramic function for all rooms and is available for Android and iOS. Bäderparadies VR+ allows a virtual walk through a bathroom via VR-glasses. We employed the 3D Game Engine Unity for Bäderparadies VR+, which does the rendering of the dynamic generated scenes and the export for various platforms. The VR-apps fit in seamlessly with the existing system of SHT Bäderparadies and make for a significant enhancement of the customer service.

Gain from Catalysts expertise

  • We have project experience of many years in the fields of B2B and B2C.
  • We are the biggest producer of individual software in Upper Austria and have international references.
  • We work agile and test-driven.
  • From the idea to the finished project in less than 4 weeks:
    • Bäderparadies VR for Android & iOS
    • Bäderparadies VR+ for 3D cinemas in the stores of SHT Bäderparadies and exhibition demos

»The way Catalysts works is an extraordinary combination: quality, quantity and speed!«

  Thomas Jud, VR Project Manager Bäderparadies

SHT VR App was voted to the top 3 projects within the category “Best Interactive & Cross Media Art” at the  Austrian Computer Graphic Award 2016

SHT VR App was awarded with the Innovationprice of Lower-Austria!
Category: Customer-innovation

Your contact person

Anton Bayer

Leitung Büro Wien

+43 676 929 27 39

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