In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Catalysts developed a method to analyze blood platelets in real time by using cell microscopy to classify platelets according to their state of activation. For the first time Thrombotherm allows to analyse the function of thrombocytes (= platelets) quickly, without provocation and enables institutes to evaluate the actual condition of stored blood, that currently has to be  disposed after a certain time without cross checking its actual quality.

Catalysts developed a software-plugin that seamlessly fits into the existing microscope technology of blood analysis institutes and represents an enormous expansion of diagnosis. We could finally bring our partner researchers to the market and revolutionize the diagnostic of thrombocytes by accelerating it significantly.

“Key-Features” von Thrombotherm:

1. Detect cell morphology

Thromotherm allows to mathematically detect and categorize cell borders with the help of by light microscopes. The software helps to distinguish between fried-egg shaped cells and spider shaped ones. This is the criteria to judge the quality on the fly.

2. Realtime Cluster technology

With the help of a fluorescence microscope recording, thromotherm can identify protein clusters considering their diffraction phenomenon. This allows for an additional quantitative real time representation of thrombocytes in a given sample.

3. Real time analysis of the receptor mobility

Thrombotherm can actually not only analyse still images but real image sequences. This allows to follow single molecules or even cell clusters in their motion sequence.
Pixel accuracy would not be enough in this case, so in order to receive exact values we are calculating with a point spread model.

With the help of this completely new method of analyzing thrombocytes, laboratories can identify the mobility of cells, the compression of surface area markers, the morphology of cells and their activation condition in real time, all by using their existing hardware!

Project outlook:

Next to the above mentioned use cases for blood analysis there are a whole lot of new opportunities opening up:

  • Classification of native cells
  • Research of pharmaceuticals on blood cells
  • Detection of cancerous cells

Why aren’t you using Catalysts expertise in the research sector?

  • We have years of project experience with partners from the research sector.
  • We are the most important custom software developer in Upper Austria with international references.
  • We are working agile and like test-driven development in teams of the brightest minds.
  • We are accelerating processes and love challenges.
  • Develop cutting-edge algorithms with us in your specific research domain.

Thrombotherm presentation (DE)
Digital MedTech (AEC Linz) 2016-10-13

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Andreas Hangler

Software Developer

+43 680 2437252

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