Strategic Partnerships

Achieve goals faster with a strong partner

What Are Strategic Partnerships?

From Guidance to Implementation

As strategic partners we are supporting you through all project phases. We want to understand your business goals so we can provide the flow of new ideas and applicable technologies without over-investing. After clarifying goals, tools and technologies we’ll implement solutions keeping you agile in a fast-changing marketplace.

Durability is Key

We are delivering reliable software that is improved and adapted according to market needs. Our long term cooperation is making us proactive and responsive to all challenges that you might encounter in the future.

From Challenges to Solutions

Together we will transfer existing opportunities into real world tools and solutions. IT systems are long-lasting constructions growing in functionality and complexity, we are here for you to get problems solved.

Your Benefits

  • Scaling

    Building upon wisely selected tools and sharing knowledge in meaningful ways helps to compensate team changes over many years. We’re ready to scale.

  • Critical Thinking

    Sustainable decisions require to put everything in question. We ask ourselves regularly if we’re still on the right track and what can be done better.

  • Understanding

    We tackle the problem from different perspectives in order to find the solution that is the most suitable to your business model and end customers.

  • Contracting

    Public institutions can easily hire our services without general tenders. As an official BBG partner, we can offer a simple onboarding process.

  • Curious in Challenges

    We like to encounter challenges. Legacy systems are hard to touch, but that has never been a problem for us.

  • Experienced in Large Agile Projects

    We’ve been scaling teams since 2007. Our experts in Large Agile Projects are eager to share their knowledge and experience.

  • Available for All Businesses

    From mobile apps to satellite data, from car dealerships to universities – we’re eager to discover new fields.

  • Ready with All Technologies

    We’re building on a well-proven technology stack, but good learners are also not afraid to dig into special tools. We are up-to-date with new technologies and ready to use them when needed.cod


1. Starting Small

Smaller icebreaker projects are how we like to start building trust and getting to know each other. Trust is the solid basis for a long-lasting partnership.

2. Rapid Prototypes

What’s even more important than planning are tangible results. We deliver the first prototypes after only a few days. In that way we can see are our ideas aligned and on a right path.

3. Durable Solutions

A solid fundament for many years is what we’re heading for. We deliver durable solutions rather than just manpower. We’re team players, so we’re collaborating closely with your IT.

4. Smart Scaling

We adapt the team size according to the project needs. Shared knowledge helps to overcome outages, absences and team changes.

5. Long-lasting Partnership

Your success is our success! We learn from each other in a collaborative environment. You even profit from our versatile experiences in many other projects.

Actions speak louder than words!

Schedule an appointment, we’re happy to hear your vision and to show you inspiring demonstrations. Let’s get to know each other. Start a small icebreaker project and learn how a strategic partnership can help your business grow.

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