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6.5 The Chapter Summary

This is the end of the sixth chapter, which was about the Theory of Constraints.

In “6.1 The Power of The Goal” I outlined what I understood about the TOC from reading the book “The Goal”.

In “6.2 Learning From The Best” I wrote about how I learnt more about the TOC first by reading more books and then in a personal training from world-class expert Bill Dettmer.

In “6.3 Breaking Constraints” I explained which constraints I experienced in the past and that focusing on breaking them resulted in achieving our goals.

In “6.4 Living With Just Two Constraints” I reasoned why you should strive to accept only one or two constraints over time – so that all your attention and creativity is directed at getting ever better in those critical areas.

Over the years, the methods and techniques of the Theory of Constraints have allowed for the exponential growth of Catalysts. We work hard to keep up that growth for as long as possible.

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