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9.5 The Chapter Summary

This is the end of the ninth chapter, which was about how we support the personal development of our team members and how that goes hand in hand with our personnel development.

In “9.1 i Grow” I wrote about what we do to help our colleagues to get ahead faster (their personal development) while having global oversight (from a company perspective) in order to influence well enough what skills to develop so that our team members can fulfill the company’s skill demand now and in the future (personnel development).

In “9.2 Roadmaps” I depicted the various roadmaps for our team members to become more and more knowledgeable about technologies, to collect more experience in their roles or to grow their leadership skills.

In “9.3 Factors of Success At Work” I described a method to discover one’s natural latent abilities and what we do to help our team members develop to their full potential.

In “9.4 Situational Leadership” I explained that it takes both commitment and competence to excel and how a situational leader can guide someone from being an enthusiastic beginner to becoming a self-reliant achiever.

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