64-bit Windows: Subclipse merkt sich Subversion-Passwort nicht (Lösung)


For quite some time, while programming in Eclipse, I had the problem that Subclipse refused to remember my subversion password. As a workaround I just used TortoiseSVN in Windows and then refreshed my workspace in Eclipse to see the updated state.

However, as I began to look up source history more often I started getting fed up with switching out of my Eclipse workspace. So I decided to look for a solution. It turns out the problem is due to the standard Subclipse installation not working properly out-of-the-box in a Windows 64-bit environment (64-bit JVM).

The solution is to install a 64-bit JavaHL provider such as SlikSVN and then select that in the Eclipse SVN preferences (instead of the standard SVNKit).

The detailed steps are as follows:

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. Install 64-bit SlikSVN http://www.sliksvn.com/en/download
  3. Start Eclipse
  4. Go to Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN
  5. Under SVN interface select the JavaHL SlikSvn client (see screenshot below)
  6. Next time you do an SVN operation enter your password and tick the Save Password checkbox

More information on JavaHL can be found here:


SVN Preferences Screenshot

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Thanks for the tip! I was getting tired of typing my password in every 2 seconds…


Many Thanks for this excellent solution. Worked like a charm.


Many Thanks for this superb solution. It works like a charm.


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