(English) Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – MWC Update

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After a meeting about our new Voice Task feature that is integrated in taskmind for iPhone, iPad and iPod – check it out from the App Store – and some sightseeing on Tuesday, I attended the Windows Phone Developer Day on Wednesday. There were a lot of general things presented, for example the idea behind the user interface design, how the marketplace works and an overview of the development platform. There was also a quite long session about the mobile Internet Explorer 9 and the HTML5 support. According to Joe Marini, he is responsible for the IE9 development, actually a lot of things are now working with HTML5, but there is still a lot of work to do. The HTML5 standards and specs are changing very often and aren’t stable.

If one plans to implement a sophisticated app, using the camera, audio etc. with a great user experience, a native app developed with Silverlight may be the better choice. After the presentations I talked with some of the speakers from Microsoft and they promised me, that every developer that has concrete plans to implement a Windows Phone app would get a test device. So maybe I will switch to Windows Phone soon 😉

Samsung and Microsoft at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

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