CCC 2012: Linz und Cluj

CCC'12 Linz-Cluj

This year’s spring coding contest was held simultaneously in Linz (Austria), Cluj (Romania) and online. Nearly 300 contestants tried their skills at this contest.

After spending the last contest on other planets, we returned to earth for this year’s topic. Sports analysis – to be precise: soccer video analysis – formed the framework of the seven levels. The contestants started strong, completing the first level in ten (Cluj) and eleven (Linz) minutes. The next levels were also finished faster in Cluj than in Linz. Starting with the fifth and sixth levels, the leading coders in Linz passed Cluj and continued to hold their lead until the end.

Patrick Fimml won with the impressive time of 2:52:23 – he had to hurry this year as he needed to be on his way for another appointment in the evening. Second place went to Michael Gyarmati, who finished just 7 minutes before the end of the allotted four hours. Third place was won by Christoph Neumüller, who finished the sixth level at 2:58 but could not break the seventh before the time ran out.

Online, the competition was dominated by “mahe”, who finished all the levels after 3:31:23. Even though “mahe” needed a bit longer than “SleepyOverlord”, the winner in Cluj, having less failed tests resulted in a time bonus that even put him in second place overall.  “SleepyOverlord” finished at 3:33:27.

After the contest, the contestants and Catalysts enjoyed a nice buffet and the chance to talk with old and new acquaintances about the contest, or about Life, the Universe and Everything.

We congratulate all the winners and look forward to our next contest in Vienna on October 19th 2012.

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