Yes indeed, Catalysts has moved, but that doesn’t mean we are gone, we just moved to our new website
together with our partners from Crisp Research to do the same things we used to do in an improved way. We still do great software and we are still great people, more or less only the color has changed except from our domain 😉

Coding Dojo @ Catalysts Vienna

Since 2011 the Softwerkskammer is supporting the learning in the region of Software Craftsmanship. As Catalysts always supported tomorrow’s software developers e.g. with the Catalysts Coding Contest, the monthly Coding Dojo will be hosted in the Viennese Catalysts office on the 14th of December 2015 again. No worries, everyone is welcome. There is no age limit, whereas seats are limited to 20 participants!

So what’s a Coding Dojo? A Dojo refers, in the Western World, to a training space to practice Japanese martial arts. A Coding Dojo, in more specific is a meeting where software developers get together to work on a code kata and learn new things. The focus is on learning something new, rather than finishing the task.

So if you got nosy, try it out and register through the following Doodle link (physical presents required): For a better coordination, please enter your full name:

Here you find a more detailed information: (things to prepare)

A laptop with a development environment, including a test-framework, in the programming language of your preference. A version control system, ideally Git, is also recommended.

Prepared means: A few mouse clicks or key-shortcuts, and a dummy-unit test is green.

17:45-17:55 is time for arrival, 18:00 is start. Read below for details.

Twitter: #CodingDojoVie

Moderator: Martin Hillbrand @master_hilli

Participant limit: 20



Host: Catalysts GmbH, Graumanngasse 7 (2nd floor, use door bell), 1150 Vienna

Whoever fancies to go for a drink in the evening, we suggest to meet at the HAWIDERE

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