Der CCC 2012 Austragungsort: Das Linzer Schloss

Today, the venue was inspected by the CCC Team. The desk layout and the positioning of the power and LAN cables is now fixed.

The power grid needs to handle quite a load: assuming 200 participants using 200 Watts each accumulate 40,000 Watts or 40 kW!

All the equipment taken together weighs 189 kg by now! No wonder, considering we will:

  • put down 1,137 meters of cabling
  • build a gigabit ethernet with 38 Gb switches
  • put up 2 CatCoder Servers to ensure system stability.

The build-up on the 27th of April will again be a special challenge. We have to have everything up and running in one hour.

CCC 2011

CCC Linz venue in 2011
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