IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts

After around seven years of exclusively using Eclipse for Java development I recently got the chance to work on a project where IntelliJ IDEA is the standard editor. All of a sudden my tried and tested Eclipse keyboard shortcuts didn’t work any more. I’m still in the process of learning the IntelliJ Shortcuts but here are my favourites up to now (with equivalent Eclipse shortcuts).  This may be of help to anyone else switching over from Eclipse to IntelliJ.  Of course, there is an IntelliJ Plugin available which makes IntelliJ IDEA behave like Eclipse (same shortcuts and compiler behaviour) but why do that?

In the table below, in some cases, the shortcuts do not map 1:1 but they achieve the same effect.

Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Description
F4 ctrl+h show the type hierarchy
ctrl+alt+g ctrl+alt+F7 find usages
ctrl+shift+u ctrl+f7 finds the usages in the same file
alt+shift+r shift+F6 rename
ctrl+shift+r ctrl+shift+N find file / open resource
ctrl+shift+x, j ctrl+shift+F10 run (java program)
ctrl+shift+o ctrl+alt+o organize imports
ctrl+o ctrl+F12 show current file structure / outline
ctrl+shift+m ctrl+alt+V create local variable refactoring
syso ctrl+space sout ctrj+j System.out.println(“”)
alt + up/down ctrl + shift + up/down move lines
ctrl + d ctrl + y delete current line
??? alt + h show subversion history
ctrl + h ctrl + shift + f search (find in path)
“semi” set in window-> preferences ctrl + shift + enter if I want to add the semi-colon at the end of a statement
ctrl + 1 or ctrl + shift + l ctrl + alt + v introduce local variable
alt + shift + s alt + insert generate getters / setters
ctrl + shift + f ctrl + alt + l format code
ctrl + y ctrl + shift + z redo
ctrl + shift + c ctrl + / comment out lines (my own IDEA shortcut definition for comment/uncomment on german keyboard layout on laptop: ctrl + shift + y)
ctrl + alt + h ctrl + alt + h (same!) show call hierarchy
none ? ctrl + alt + f7 to jump to one of the callers of a method
ctrl + shift + i alt + f8 evaluate expression (in debugger)
F3 ctrl + b go to declaration (e.g. go to method)
ctrl + l ctrl + g go to line


One other thing I didn’t realise at first is that the ‘Scroll to Source’ button in IntelliJ IDEA is basically the same as the ‘Link with Editor’ button in Eclipse.

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  • Very useful

    24.02.2011 , Swap
  • Thanks a lot, very useful post especially for me who has to work on Intellij after working on eclipse for few years.

    08.03.2011 , Ashish
  • Ctl+alt+L Locks the system on my Ubuntu OS. Its quite annoying. Is there an alternative?


    12.03.2011 , Joshua
    • Joshua, you can redefine the shortcut under File -> Settings -> Keymap -> Main menu -> Code -> Reformat Code…

      15.03.2011 , Ray Shanley
  • This is extremely useful… extremely!

    03.11.2011 , Gervase

    This is a good one too, but apparently not a keyboard shortcut

    03.11.2011 , Gervase
  • So, Which IDE you prefer; Eclipse or Intellij ?

    02.12.2011 , Leonar Tambunan
    • Hi Leonard. In the meantime I’m back working with Eclipse on a different project. I think I prefer IntelliJ overall as an IDE because it’s slicker than eclipse i.e. all the parts work very well together out of the box.

      06.12.2011 , Ray Shanley
  • very useful shortcutss..

    03.01.2012 , Rajan
  • Hey,

    You can use this plugin in Eclipse if you are used with the IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts. I found it very useful.

    06.07.2012 , Alex
  • Eclipse Ctrl + T in IntelliJ IDEA is Ctrl + Alt + B

    17.07.2012 , Alex
  • Hey Rey,

    users that comes from eclipse corner can import a KeyMap with all shortcuts from eclipse. You needn’t install a plugin. And to your rethoric question:
    “Of course, there is an IntelliJ Plugin available which makes IntelliJ IDEA behave like Eclipse (same shortcuts and compiler behaviour) but why do that?”

    To save a lot of time. Tell me how much time you have spend to learn all intellij shortcuts, than you have the true answer of your question!

    My personal oppinion is that eclipse is better than intellij and its free(no charge) to use. I have used both in different projects. eclipse can do much more than intellij.



    08.11.2012 , Asterios
  • Useful as hell. If you google for it you can even find a relatively useful (like 80% of the Key-Bindings are working under Windows without any side-effects) key-map to import into eclipse that makes your eclipse use nearly the same key-bindings as your intellij 🙂 (Just in case you just have died and was reborn in hell forced to use the biggest bullshit “IDE” eclipse like i have to…)

    12.08.2013 , JEEGuy
  • Hey, I’ve done the same thing while learning IntelliJ shortcuts. This list is a little more comprehensive and up to date:

    10.09.2014 , Darek Kay
  • Thanks a lot, very useful post,
    easy to work in Intellij who has to work on Eclipse .
    Bhadresh Shiroya

    12.09.2014 , Bhadresh
  • I’ve been having the same issues too. While learning the new shortcuts is important. IntelliJ IDE has an option to use the Eclipse KeyMap via Settings so that you don’t have to learn the IntelliJ shortcuts..

    12.12.2014 , Swaroop
  • Could you add “Go to line” which is “Ctrl+L” for Eclipse and “Ctrl+G” for IDEA?

    Useful post!

    28.01.2015 , Octavi
  • We have Alt+ Left Arrow in Eclipse to go back to previous class. But how to do it in intellij?

    02.03.2015 , Nimesh
  • Eclipse also recognizes ctrl + / To comment and uncomment lines (even for languages that don’t use // for comments !)

    06.06.2015 , Swen Johnson
  • Thx..It helped a lot

    03.06.2016 , Amruta
  • main() in eclipse = psvm+enter Intellij

    17.07.2016 , Abhijeet

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