Efficient use of fiber optic networks!

In the course of their diploma thesis (Higher Technical Institute), Lorenz Leutgeb and Moritz Wanzenböck participated at the “Youth Innovative 2013” competition. They were able to enchant the jury and won the first place!
In addition to the prize money, the thesis got a shot at the Intel ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) in Los Angeles, were the young talents were able to present their work.

Lorenz Leutgeb – part-time employee at Catalysts – summarizes his experience from the L.A. and the diploma thesis:

The thesis of the two HTL graduates highlights the problem of the utilization of computer networks in the age of information society. For the first time, they transferred a special algorithmic proceed to fiber optic networks, to theoretically optimize the wavelength division multiplexing. This “makes room” for more transmission channels, allowing a more efficient utilization of a fiber optic network and can save ideally an expensive expansion of an existing network.

With their victory at “Young Innovative 2013” an exciting week at L.A., full of knowledge, science and of course leisure, was waiting for the both of them.

The Intel ISEF is one of the biggest international competitions on the topic “Young Science”, were pupils from all over the world are taking part. Over 1.700 participants from 40 different countries were nominated. The convention allowed to present the outstanding diploma thesis to an international audience as well as to listen to the other gripping topics.

“For me, the week in L.A. was an awesome experience, coupled with many new acquaintances. It was really interesting to see what fantastic projects the “informatics juniors” had implemented for the Intel IDEF. But also the projects of the other categories were quite impressive. Outstanding to mention was the “Excellence in Science and Technology Panel” were Nobel Prize winners answered questions from the finalists”, reports Lorenz Leutgeb.

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