Catalysts at Hyperloop

Elon Musk developed his idea of a high-speed train known as the Hyperloop, which will transport people safely, energy self-sufficent and affordable with over 1.200km/h. Hyperloop will be the transportation system of the 21st century.

A ride from Vienna to Paris (~1200km) would then only take about 60 minutes. From Vienna to Bratislava under 10 minutes. Agglomeration centres will be connected by the Hyperloop. As Hyperloop Transportation Technologies puts it, “Hyperloop is the physical version of the Internet!” Incredible potential has been created by the internet. Same holds for the Hyperloop.

“We need a revolution in transportation. Transportation needs to be faster, cleaner and affordable!” – Christian Federspiel (CEO Catalysts)

Catalysts believes in Hyperloop and delivers the core of the project: a cluster technology solution, which is able to process millions of events per second by consuming just the energy needed to run you hairdryer in the morning.

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