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Catalysts goes NASA

On Dec 6-7 NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center near Washington D.C. was hosting the second GRASP Cloud meeting. The first was hosted earlier this year at Catalysts in Linz.

Michael and Andreas were invited to their facilities and came back with a happy face. 😉 Being invited by NASA for meetings is a thrilling experience. Don’t know what GRASP is? It’s the best algorithm available for aerosol detection from satellites. Find out more on our project page.

Over 50 participants from several NASA sites and related universities and other partners attended. The meeting was held to discuss several different opportunities on how and where the algorithm potentially helps in the near future. And yes, NASA is interested in our algorithm and wants to use it in future satellite data processing projects. Furthermore, they really want an annual GRASP Workshop/Conference, hosted by NASA possibly even in Europe.

All in all, it was a very successful meeting, it gave us a business outlook in the US and it also helped us to better understand the greater community of GRASP with promising projects to come.

Credits go to the greater GRASP team at Catalysts and at GRASP SAS in Lille!

Attached are some more pictures of the trip. (Sorry – due to security reasons we were not allowed to take more pictures inside the facilities)

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