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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies – Digital Innovation Challenge powered by Catalysts

Catalysts with its offices in Linz, Vienna and Cluj-Napoca (Romania) is software development partner of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) for one year. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and Catalysts, together with a few companies from the Silicon Valley, develop the “Hyperloop Digital Marketplace” for future transportation.

Nearly everyone makes bad experiences when travelling. Long queues, endless waiting, searching for direction signs, waiting for luggage, delays of buses and trains, no communication between the passengers, no optimization of resources, expensive tickets despite of public benefits,…

What is needed are disruptive services that change this current state in order to provide passengers a comfortable experience. No single company will be able to change this without a proper ecosystem. The “Hyperloop Digital Marketplace” will create this ecosystem. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies develops with Catalysts and a number of partners from the Silicon Valley the infrastructure for this marketplace. Many young, creative people and companies worldwide will be able to develop their services on it. New business models and services like apps which will all help to make travelling more affordable and more comfortable. This includes local services (like Taxis, Uber, buses, parking lots, etc) but also “long distance services” for flights, railways and ferry transportation. The services which will use the Hyperloop Digital Marketplace will additionally create numerous new jobs around the world.

“Software developers are the architects of the digital future. The next step will be to gain the right people for the Hyperloop Digital Marketplace”, says Christian Federspiel (CEO, Catalysts)

Therefore we organise the “Hyperloop Digital Innovation Challenge powered by Catalysts”, a Hackathon held on 6th July 2016 at StarĂĄ trĆŸnica. Slovakia being the first country to sign letter of intent (LOI) in March 2016 to actually build a Hyperloop.

For 2017 we are already working on a Challenge with more than 10.000 software developers worldwide. The “smart mobility” department of Catalysts will provide its infrastructure and data for the Hyperloop Digital Challenge.

“We have great experience in organizing events for software developers. What the Pioneers Festival makes up for the startup-scence, the Catalysts Coding Contests is for the software developer scene in Europe”, says Christoph Steindl (CEO, Catalysts)

Catalysts is Europe’s biggest organizer of Coding Contests for 8 years. Just recently more than 1.000 coders participated at an event which was held in Linz (AT) and Cluj (RO) as well as online.

“The mobility industry is confronted by the biggest change since the invention of cars”, was the resume of a recent mobility conference. Services are the central part of the mobility industry and they have the chance to position themselves in both longterm and a sustainable way. Market studies (e.g. GSM Association) predict the worldwide turnover for connected mobility at 39 billion euros until 2018. Until 2020, 90% of all newly built cars, buses, trains and aircrafts will be connected with the internet. See study which was published at the CES in Las Vegas:

Additionally all other means of transport like boats, ships, taxis and even bicycles and construction machines will upload data to the internet, making them trackable to modern algorithms. In order to process these enormous amounts of data, Catalysts developed
The software infrastructure can process millions of events per second in an energy efficient way.

Catalysts is a high tech company which develops and operates individual software solutions in the sector of large agile software, big data, machine learning and high performance computing. Catalysts employs 160 people.

Register now for the digital innovation challenge:!/f/innovation-challenge

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