Yes indeed, Catalysts has moved, but that doesn’t mean we are gone, we just moved to our new website
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Verantwortung im Büroalltag

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Because of my role as “Chief Responsibility Officer” it was my job this week to actively encourage responsibility here at Catalysts.

In the beginning it was quite hard to find problems within the team, because of our teamwork oriented, agile way of working, which already encourages focusing on overcoming problems. Naturally, I found the solution within the team. Every team member had the opportunity to point out problems (anonymously if desired). The results of this survey allowed me to quickly make out some issues in the daily office life.

One issue that was raised was the occasional forgetfulness regarding ordinary household chores within the office. One such thing would be to get a new package of coffee beans if you used up the last one. Many offices have some people who act as a “generous spirit” and chip in in these situations. However, we shouldn’t forget that nobody likes having to do things only because others don’t feel like doing them.

The “Responsibility Process” by Christopher Avery teaches us that we should aim at finding solutions for such problems (and not bother with blaming it on someone).

To make it easier for all of us to remember the little things that tend to be overlooked, we now have some decorative new signs in the Catalysts office:

Responsibility reminder

Responsibility reminder 3

Often it’s the simple things which can greatly improve the working atmosphere. I am already very keen to see what other improvements the responsibility methods will bring us here at Catalysts.

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I love it. Congratulations. I want to hear more.


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