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After Linz, Vienna, Cluj, Perg, Radstadt, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Lille, Kathmandu and Frankfurt we are proud to show that we are growing.
In 2018 we opened offices in Cologne, Hagenberg, St. Pölten and more is still to come!

In recent times we figured out that we wanted to make it as convenient for our employees as possible. Nobody should have long train rides to get to the office. Even though we totally accept home-office, we still encourage to work together in teams as it’s simply more fun! Also, we give our best to maintain our unique company culture and enthusiasm across all our locations. We visit each other frequently and organize funtastic events so everybody feels as a part of the big family.


After making the step to Germany in summer 2017, we continue to grow in Germany. This office space is situated close to the “Kölner Dom” and can be easily accessed by train or any other mean of transport. The pictures speak for themselves.

St. Pölten

Our newest office is located at the very center of St.Pölten at the “Herrenplatz”, comparable to the Graben in Vienna or the Pfarrplatz in Linz. It’s a 3-minutes-walk from the main station, therefore perfectly reachable for all train riders between Vienna and Salzburg.


Convenient for anyone who studies in Hagenberg our office situated directly in the Softwarepark Hagenberg will make the life easier for many students that decide to work part time at Catalysts. Shout out to all coders from Hagenberg, Catalysts is closer than ever! We have equipped a few working stations at Softwarepark Hagenberg with 34” monitors, a gaming keyboard & mouse… Need something else, just name it 😉

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