Yes indeed, Catalysts has moved, but that doesn’t mean we are gone, we just moved to our new website
together with our partners from Crisp Research to do the same things we used to do in an improved way. We still do great software and we are still great people, more or less only the color has changed except from our domain 😉

Catalysts experienced signifcant growth in the last years. Only a few years back there was a small appartment in Linz / Austria in which sat a young man with visions and clear goals. Today that is different. 4 offices in 2 different countries with over 120 employees.

“there is always a second chance”

Quality before quantity holds for the development since day one. In order to reach out for the brightest heads and get them on board we created the Cataylsts coding contest. Over 98% of our employees run through this challenge. The remaining 2% are simply no coders. Many applicants are still of very young age. Sometimes it just does not work out in the first instance. A second try is definitely worth it!

Whoever makes it will be happy. Work can be fun also during tough times. The recipe is a mixture of responsibility, team work, flat hierarchies and innovatime working habits, as well as flexible working hours and freedom to be actively involved in decisions. Catalysts achieved to be Austrias most popular employer 3 times already.

In order to get even more movement into the dynamic team of Catalysts, we swap desks every week, and who still can’t get enough, cycles to work. When your bike needs maintenance, no problem we have a cooperation with a charitable bike shop where your bike can be fixed while you can concentrate on your work.

Dinner parties are held nearly every month. Everyone is welcome. Even your partner. With Funtastic events every employee has the chance to plan and get something moving. Cinema, paintball, wakeboarding or simply… wait a second. Have you any other idea that you would like to bring in?

Join us here with our Single Click Application and help to steer Catalysts in the best possible direction.

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