Projektmanagement mit Critical Chain

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Da das Thema “Critical Chain” selbst für Projektleiter noch ziemlich neu ist, bieten wir zu allererst einmal Kurzvorträge zu diesem Thema an (1-2 Stunden).

Wir bieten aber gerne auch eine praktische Schulung an (1 Tag).

Course Overview

The seminar explains the weaknesses of traditional project management methods and how these can be overcome. The change is from “critical path” to “critical chain”, which may sound like a small step but – in practice – is a revolution with a lot of benefits. We will play games to understand the differences and explore the theory behind the practice.

The seminar teaches long-lasting knowledge and is to a large degree independent of software tools.


Traditional project management methods let you develop schedules that have a lot of tasks with a lot of dependencies among the tasks. The estimates for the individual tasks typically contain a lot of local safety. Nevertheless, projects tend to take longer than initially planned. Effects like bad multitasking, the student syndrome, the manana attitude, large batches and the Parkinson’s law lead to wasting a lot of the local buffers.

Critical Chain project management lets you develop schedules that move the local safety to the end, thereby using statistical effects like the “Central Limit Theorem” to protect the project end date much better from Murphy.

We will explain in detail the problems with traditional project management so that you can understand the reasons for the undesirable effects in typical projects.

We then move on to the foundations of critical chain project management.

We will play short games to let you experience the phenomena that currently block you. The insights will allow you to abolish old policies and rules.

You will learn how to develop critical chain schedules and how to apply them in practice. You will see how buffer management can help you to see problems long before the fully develop.

Target Audience

Project managers, team leaders

Course Goals

You understand the differences between traditional project management and critical chain project management.

You understand the techniques and how to apply them on your own.

You can develop small critical chain schedules by hand.


  • Process of on-going improvement
  • Difference between critical path and critical chain
  • Project Simulator Game
  • Nature of Estimates
  • Effects that lead to lost productivity
  • Advantages of critical chain project management
  • Essence of critical chain project management
  • Developing critical chain schedules
  • Implementing critical chain schedules
  • Buffer management