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As many of you know – YES, we love the »Responsibility Process« by Christopher Avery and Catalysts has implemented those values within the company years ago. They became so important and valuable to us that we felt the need to share this amazing path to responsibility with our friends, customers and colleagues in the industry by organizing a workshop with Christopher Avery.

With enough interest from your side, we would be more than willing to organize a Remote Follow Up Meeting with Christopher Avery @Catalysts Office in Linz. Therefore, we would appreciate if you confirm your attendance by registering (in the form below), latest by Friday 4.11. Afterwards, we will set the date of the meeting, so it fits everyone.

As the feedback from of the workshop showed, the training was rated very positively and we are glad that everyone sees the value of this school of thought the same as we do:

»Amazing talk, and full of valuable content«

»An eye-opening workshop!«

»Excellent workshop that highly motivated me to apply the acquired knowledge privately and professionally!«

»Looking forward to implementing responsibility in our company.«

Meanwhile, feel free to collect all your open-ended questions, such as: How do you do with implementing »The Responsibility Process« within your company? What impact have you experienced since the workshop? Did you become curious about »The Responsibility Process«?

We hope Christopher will come back to Austria next year and will keep you updated.

For now, you can learn more about his mindset by reading »The Responsibility Process: Unlocking Your Natural Ability to Live and Lead with Power« or watching the video of Christopher Avery visiting the office of Catalysts in Linz:

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