How to find the brightest minds?

For the 25th time, the Catalysts Coding Contest (CCC) assembled the brightest minds of the IT sector and challenged them with an exciting contest game on the subject of “Hyperloop—The Global Metro”.

On the 31st of March 2017 the CCC was held in 18 host cities simultaneously in Austria, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, USA, Belgium, Romania and the Netherlands. With more than 2.100 participants it has become the biggest coding contest in Europe. Of course Catalysts does not want to stop here as even bigger events are planned in the future.

Why is Catalysts organizing contests?

Due to the continuous digitalization in almost every business sector the demand for skilled software developers is constantly rising. Through the Coding Contest we are able to find brilliant and remarkable talents who are eager to become highly qualified experts in various fields. Many of our best participants started their career at Catalysts and have grown within the company to qualified Software Architects, Usability Experts, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Scalability Experts, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Performance Experts, Project Leaders and many more.

However we are not the only ones who support the CCC. Each year we have plenty of local sponsors which appreciate the possibility to support the event. Sponsors usually choose between ready made sponsor packages or custom tailored to their needs or requests.

Besides our participants get the opportunity to make themselves visible on a stage like rockstars and use it as a benchmarking tool in order to compare themselves to other coders around the world.

If you want to know more about the Catalysts Coding Contest, feel free to have a look at chapter 5 of our blog series The Catalysts Way, where Christoph Steindl tells you about the origins, the numbers and the challenges of the events.

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