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30 June 1908 is the day of the largest asteroid impact in recent history. At least this is the most likely explanation that scientists have found up to now. To raise awareness of asteroids and possible future impacts, the Asteroid Day was born.

Catalysts was one of more than 500 organisations from 80 countries who organized educational events on that day. We have hosted an interesting and interactive event about asteroids, future scenarios, and how we’re involved in space research. Since European Space Agency (ESA) is one of our partners we have provided an exclusive insight when it comes to software development for space projects.

Our audience was composed of pupils. We find it very important to show the young ones how to put learnings into practice by showing our projects and giving expert talks. This event will be organized in series, since the interest of contacted schools is really big. If you want to get in touch with us, regarding this event, write to

All upcoming events you can find here.

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