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As every year the alumni association of HTL Leonding organized the Project Award with prizes for “Best of Projects“, “Best of Economics“ and “Best of Innovation“ on April 19th, 2017.

Altogether 11 teams out of three schools (HTL Leonding, HTL Grieskirchen and HTL Perg) were nominated with their projects or diploma theses. Beside the possibility to prove their skills right before their Matura (final exams) they had the chance to win cash prizes from 250 to 500 euros.

The projects were evaluated by a qualified jury from different sectors consisting of Hanspeter Mössenböck (University Linz), Christoph Steindl (Catalysts), Gerald Kahlhofer (BMD), Hasan Cakmak (Fabasoft), Theresa Singer (epunkt), Arno Hütter (Dynatrace) and Margit Bencic (MIC).

Catalysts is especially happy to see one of our last year’s interns among the winners! Moritz Stadler received the “Best of Project” award together with Jakob Wögerbauer. The two of them developed a software which is able to analyze the recordings of a camera drone and reconstructs a 3D model automatically, e.g. of a school building. Additionally it is possible to observe these models through virtual reality glasses. With this project Moritz and Jakob enable the capturing of 3D models with a simple camera.

For Catalysts it is a great pleasure to see our interns grow, no matter if it is within Catalysts, at school or in the course of their own projects. We are proud to be part of their intellectual and personal development; and to see their progress over the years.

We congratulate all participants of this year’s Project Award and look forward to further interesting and innovative projects next year.

“Best of Projects”

3D – Object Reconstruction by Moritz Stadler and Jakob Wögerbauer (HTL Leonding)

“Best of Economics”

Public move by Christopher Stelzmüller and Sebastian Tanzer (HTL Leonding)

“Best of Innovation”

TrackMyTrip by Lukas Huber, Daniel Tüchler and Christoph Penner (HTL Perg)

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