Handbook Teil 12: Was wir verbessern wollen

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There are a number of things we wish we were better at:

  • Helping new people find their way. We wrote this book to help, but as we said above, a book can only go so far.
  • Mentoring people. Not just helping new people figure things out, but proactively helping people to grow in areas where they need help is something we’re organizationally not great at. Peer reviews help, but they can only go so far.
  • Disseminating information internally.
  • Finding and hiring people in completely new disciplines.
  • Making predictions longer than a few months out.
  • Working with freelancers. We hire preferably on a permanent basis, full time preferred. We know there are a lot of capable freelancers out there, but it’s hard to get them on our mindset, tightly integrated into our collaborative teams.
  • We miss out on hiring talented people who prefer to work within a more traditional structure. Again, this comes with the territory and isn’t something we should change, but it’s worth recognizing as a self-imposed limitation.

What Happens When All This Stuff Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes, the philosophy and methods outlined in this book don’t match perfectly with how things are going day to day. But we’re confident that even when problems persist for a while, Catalysts roots them out.

As you see it, are there areas of the company in which the ideals in this book are realized more fully than others? What should we do about that? Are those differences a good thing? What would you change? This handbook describes the goals we believe in. If you find yourself in a group or project that you feel isn’t meeting these goals, be an agent of change. Help bring the group around. Talk about these goals with the team and/or others.

Where Will You Take Us?

Catalysts will be a different company a few years from now because you are going to change it for the better. We can’t wait to see where you take us. The software, products, features, and experiences that you decide to create for clients are the things that will define us.

Whether it’s a new product, a feature, a way to save clients money, a painting that teaches us what’s beautiful, something that protects us from legal threats, an idea for how to be healthier while we work, a spectacular animation, a new kind of test that lets us be smarter, or (more likely) something nobody’s thought of yet – we can’t wait to see what kind of future you choose to build at Catalysts.

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