Handbook Teil 2: Welcher Spielertyp bist du?

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Of course, our main job is developing software. But that’s only one side of the coin. A typical young adult has accumulated 10,000 hours of computer gaming experience at age 21. Richard Bartle is a researcher who investigated the player types in (originally) MUDs or (nowadays) MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft) and categorized them into:


Prefer discovering areas, creating maps and learning about hidden places. They often feel restricted when a game expects them to move on within a certain time, as that does not allow them to look around at their own pace. They find great joy in discovering an unknown glitch or a hidden easter egg.


Prefer to gain “points,” levels, equipment and other concrete measurements of succeeding in a game. They will go to great lengths to achieve rewards that confer them little or no gameplay benefit simply for the prestige of having it.


Play games for the social aspect, rather than the actual game itself. They gain the most enjoyment from a game by interacting with other players, and on some occasions, computer-controlled characters with personality. The game is merely a tool they use to meet others in-game or outside of it.


Thrive on competition with other players, and prefer fighting them to scripted computer-controlled opponents.

The typical member of Catalysts is primarily an Explorer (55%), Achiever (20%), Socializer (15%), or Killer (10%) with a secondary nature of mostly Achievers and Socializers.

You can find out your own player type with an online test. If you don’t fit the pattern above, don’t worry. We have a diverse team anyways.

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