Handbook Teil 6: Learning Lessons und Funtastic Events

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Learning Lessons

We have created a handful of short learning lessons. They help you to understand the Catalysts way of developing software. To all Catalysts employees: Make sure you have registered for the learning lessons (CORE Academy), enjoy them and reflect a little bit afterwards.

Funtastic Events

There are frequent team events at Catalysts. When you’re new to the team, use those opportunities to get to know your colleagues.

Organize a Funtastic Event by yourself!

When you feel you’re missing something, when you want to go to the Circus but don’t want to pay for the tickets yourself, organize a team event – and Catalysts will pay for the ticket (or at least part of it).

We don’t decide on budgets for marketing, traveling, education, etc. at the beginning of the year. We don’t decide on budgets for “capital expenditure” (CAPEX, large investments that need to be depreciated over years) or “operational expenditure” (OPEX, smaller things or payments on an ongoing basis). Rather, we decide on the spot, what we need.

We do whatever is needed, irrespective of how much it costs, as long as we see a benefit for the team in it.


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