Yes indeed, Catalysts has moved, but that doesn’t mean we are gone, we just moved to our new website
together with our partners from Crisp Research to do the same things we used to do in an improved way. We still do great software and we are still great people, more or less only the color has changed except from our domain 😉

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Distributed since 2007.

Successful since the beginning.

Catalysts has been practicing Distributed Agile since the beginning — by now with 13 locations in 5 countries and over 300 people, steadily growing. Most of our projects are delivered in a distributed setting.

It makes no difference.

Not at Catalysts.

Co-located Teams
  • Questions get answered quickly
  • Face-to-face interaction, personal communication
  • High team availability
Distributed Teams at Catalysts
  • Questions get answered quickly
  • Face-to-face interaction, personal communication
  • High team availability

How we do it

Our setup and mindset across all our locations

All our offices provide the necessary infrastructure such as high bandwidth, VPN and site-to-site network. Every team member uses a laptop. Every office seat is equipped with a monitor, power and display connectors, and enough space on the desk. Everything that doesn’t need to be on paper is handled digitally, so that we don’t have too many belongings to carry around. This way, every employee can get to any Catalysts office, sit down, and start working immediately. Also when working from home, it doesn’t take more than a few clicks to get connected to the VPN.

Read more about our offices in our blog series: The Catalysts Way — Three Locations, Three Styles.

Our meeting rooms are equipped with all necessary connectors, cameras and microphones. We use several video conferencing tools to stream talks, conferences and daily meetings. Furthermore, we practice desk rotation on a weekly basis, thus we’re used to moving and adapting to the environment. We have also built our own telepresence tools that we call CatPhones (more about our remote collaboration tools). And we’re not the only ones: check this TEDx talk about remote work.

Working distributed doesn’t feel different for us! Besides video meetings like daily standups or weekly update meetings, we also use day-long video chats. The first of a team who enters any office starts the video call, and every other team member joins it later. The microphones are muted, but if anyone has a question to the team, he/she just unmutes him/herself and asks. Altogether we’re more than prepared for digital nomads who will more and more decide on their own where to work from.

Key Benefits

There’s something in it for everyone

…for our employees:
  • Move, switch office or work from home
  • Enjoy seamless connectivity from all offices and from home
  • No difference from where to work
  • Diverse international team, travel to meet workmates
  • Flexibility to relocate to another country
…for our customers:
  • We can grow to cover your demands
  • We overcome skills shortages: it’s much easier to find highly-skilled developers for your projects in many locations
  • We scale teams easily: growing by 20 people is much easier in an already distributed team
  • We get more and better applications as an attractive employer with flexible environment
  • We have motivated team members who work efficiently and productively

Our Offices

We work locally and remotely across multiple time zones



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Linz – Digital Future Space








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Our Projects

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