The Catalysts Way


Europäische Hyperloop von Brno nach Bratislava

HTT announced today an agreement with Brno, Czech Republic, for a Hyperloop™ system with a focus on connecting Brno and Bratislava, Slovakia, with a vision for also connecting Prague, the Czech capital.

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5.0 Coding Contests

Get all relevant information about already famous: the Catalysts Coding Contest! Read more in the fifth chapter

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4.2 Three Different Kinds of Internships

In order to get a job you need experience and to gain experience you need a job! Challenging right? We are aware of this magical circle, so read in the new blog post what solution we have to offer! 😉

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4.0 Getting On Board

Useful hints when applying for a job! All the do’s/don’ts, what we offer to our interns and much more. Read more in the fourth chapter of The Catalysts Way blog series!

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Satellite Communication

Can you get an internet connection on a secluded spot somewhere in the mountains? Yes, you can — via satellites. The signal always needs to fit the weather conditions.

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