Catalysts developer among top hackers worldwide!

Daniel M. is a long term employee of Catalysts in Vienna. Together with his team “We_0Wn_Y0u” he managed to place 3rd at the iCTF! An international hacking contest organised by the university of Santa Barbara (California,USA).



The contest took place on the 11th April 2015 and hackers from all over the world could join. Simultaneously 88 teams had the chance to battle themselves by attacking servers of other teams. “Protecting your own server and hacking the one of another team makes this competition such a challenge and different to others”, says Daniel. Every team gets an equivalent (and encrypted) image of a virtual machine. There are several services running on this machine which contain security vulnerabilities. Upon start of the competition, the teams get the password for the image and can start searching for the vulnerabilities. The goal is to fix them on their own server while keeping up functionality (the organizer check for that) and attack other teams. When attacking you try to get so called “flags” from the other teams’ servers. Flags are just unique strings which are legally inserted into the application by a game server, but should be protected from unauthorized access from anybody else. By using the security vulnerabilities these flags are accessed and sent to the game server.


Success for the Austrian team

“We could hold the second place for a very long time, with a team from Russia heading for gold. Just within the last hour of the competition the previously third placed team from Hungary passed us both and won the competition”, explains the 22 year old.

The trip goes on…

Daniel M. and his team are not stopping here. With the Support form Catalysts GmbH they will compete in the OWASP AppSecEU security conference taking place in Amsterdam from 19th -22nd  May 2015. As part of the training days a Capture The Flag competition for university students is organized. Together with some friends from Catalysts, Cyber Security Austria and the Seclab he registered a team for the Vienna University of Technology to compete with 10 other teams from Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Pics by: Martin Mulazzani

Namensnennung-Nicht kommerziell 3.0 Österreich (CC BY-NC 3.0 AT)

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