This is an image of CATRIN our AI hostess

In order to create an enhanced customer experience we created an interactive and intuitive interface for all visitors of factory300. Meet Catrin, an artificial intelligence hostess that welcomes all visitors. Catrin is providing highly customized information, e.g. she is able to:

  • Check availability of meeting rooms
  • Comb through close culinary offerings and make suggestions
  • Check-in employees with face recognition
  • Check-in event participants
  • Show info about the team and video about factory300
  • List all upcoming events @factory

The face recognition system was built using deep learning models. As training data, only one image per person was enough. Catrin is connected to a management software of factory300 called Nexudus in order to take necessary information and the picture. Also, Catrin is reading QR codes from event tickets and automatically checking in visitors in Nexudus. We connected Catrin with existing tools (Nexudus), so implementation was faster. Of course, we are able to provide more content depending on the preferences of our clients.

Visit us!

In our office in Linz, the Digital Future Space, we also have an artificial intelligence hostess. Visit us there to see her and many other interesting applications and demos. We are eager to amaze you and find solutions that would fit your needs.

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