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Schachermayer Offer Generator

An offer is more than just a purchase summary

From challenges to solutions
The Challenge

Final offers (receipts) should consist of a detailed product description and all necessary information that customers need. They should be easy to understand and have to represent the brand of the seller.

The Idea

Automatize offer creations and make them attractive for end customers.

The Solution

Retrieve information from SAP and the webshop, provide the most important information and beautify the appearance.

#Segment: Strategic Partnerships   #2018

The Challenge

Schachermayer is a retail company with an assortment of ca. 150.000 products. Final offers are an essential part and the last interaction that a company has with a customer. They finalize a transaction and help customers to get an overview of their purchase and are also important when it comes to auditing. Among other things, receipts can help with building brand awareness.

Schachermayer needs a solution to create an offer that has predefined info and also some customized fields where the sales-team can enter remarks about the purchase.

The Idea

We are working on several projects with Schachermayer, therefore we had a good understanding of their business and needs. Our idea was to use information that is provided by SAP, retrieve some information from the webshop and to automatize offer generation.

The Solution

What we’ve created is a Web-App, written in SpringBoot/AngularJS, which connects to SAP first, gathering offer data via a Web-Service. The next step was to enrich the offer with data from our Webshop, and our CORE instance at Schachermayer- by adding a photo of the sales person. As a final step we used Cat-Boot-PDF (backed by PdfBox) to create nice looking PDFs. The offer generator is multi-lingual and can generate offers for different sales units (i.e. Schachermayer AT, Schachermayer CZ or Rechberger) with different branding.

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