The Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF) developed a space suit prototype for planned expeditions to Mars. Catalysts supports the Institute with a voice-controlled software that controls several functions of the suit and a Mars Rover.

The language software is specially developed for the under extreme conditions used space suit and is “trained” to recognize certain commands from various astronauts. Is an Astronaut example, using the command “Fan Head On”, the software recognizes the voice command and turns on the ventilation of the space suit.

A particular challenge is the enormous noise level inside the suit – comparable to the noise situation on a busy highway. Our software is designed, despite the loud noise, to clearly discern the voice of the astronauts. It also contains several language modules.

In April 2011, a field simulation was held in Rio Tinto (Spain). The experimental space suit simulator “Aouda.X” was tested together with the robotic vehicle “Phileas” under field conditions.

In order to guarantee a successful expedition and thus the survival of the astronauts, great demands are made on the suit and the technical system. Absolute reliability is therefore top priority.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

  • We offer reliable solutions even in extreme conditions
  • Individual projects are our specialty – we adapt to your needs
  • Our software is put to the acid test, and under real conditions
  • Research is important to us! We are constantly looking for new technologies and trends in order to stay up to date

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