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Boldly Go Where Nobody has Gone Before

What is it about?

processing big data
Processing Your Big Data Needs

Earth Observation satellite data comes in massive quantities. We have established the necessary infrastructure and software stack to acquire, store, analyse and process petabytes of data.

speed up algorithms
Get Your Algorithms HPC-Ready

The times when CPUs doubled their performance each year are fading, simply throwing more hardware onto a problem is less and less successful. We will analyze your scientific algorithms, optimize them by 10x in terms of memory or compute, and make them ready to utilize the latest HPC technology.

Space Assets in Your Services

Satellite Communication allows you to stay connected anywhere, Satellite Navigation tells you where you are, and Earth Observation puts the world at your finger tip. From smart airports to smart cities, a smart future will utilize the abundance of space assets. Together we can assess the utility and provide an operational service implementation.

Areas of Action

universities and research institutes
Developing world leading scientific algorithms

Spending billions on hardware in space deserves the very best algorithms. We cooperate with universities and research institutes to catalyse their developments.

Provide Operational Processors.

We analyse scientific algorithms, identify hotspots and eventually optimize them into operational processors.

cogwheels and a data base
Run Full-Mission Re-processing

We apply data processors and software packages on multiple petabytes of data. on our operational infrastructure. Efficient, scalable, reproducible and with fully transparent process reporting.

Building Services

We help you understand the capacity of space assets for your services. If you already have an idea we can realize it for you and provide you with an operational service.

cloud and rocket
light bulb satellite
Utilize Space-Proven Technology in your Project

Whether it is the know-how to process big data, optimize algorithms, or provide reliable implementations, and services, we can warp your project into the future!

It’s one small step…

to get in touch, but one giant leap for you towards your next level. Reach out to us and we’re eager to listen to your problem, understand your vision and jointly draft a plan for the future!

Disclaimer: we are no chemists. We solely catalyse software.

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